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Our Must-Read Stories

Heir to the throne, Prince Adelaja Eniobafe Oyediran is in for an assay...

When a shady decision that was taken makes Adelaja lose his family, he has to leave his kingdom for a new start. Hoping to return the prince back to his position, Akinsanya goes on an incognito search for him under the tenure of a new king. Nightmares are regular - but all that ends after Adelaja receives a letter from a long lost friend.

Bathsheba is about to leave Nigeria for Lesotho, her home country. She gets an unexpected encounter with a familiar prince, where they elope to Lesotho. Four years later is enough to make him realise the biggest mistake he made.



"I love her story idea. It is really good!"

- Ms Ruby

“This story sends me into a long-distance of imagination. God Forbid, we won't be victims of wars and crises!

Honestly, she did a mature job!”

— Mr Habeeb

“A wonderful short story that should be turned into a full story and/or novel. I honestly doff my hat for you, Aisha.”

— Mr Oketunbi


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